Your Sessions To Choose From

Psychic Medium Combination Reading with April or Tracey

In our session together, we offer support in connecting with loved ones who have passed on, aiming to bring forth messages of healing, love, and comfort. In certain instances, it may provide a sense of closure. Your loved ones might communicate through past experiences and memories that are unique to you, giving you reassurance that it’s genuinely them reaching out.

During our time together, we strive to understand and address your needs, focusing on the mind, body, and soul. Our aim is to help provide clarity on any issues you may be dealing with, with the intention to help you move past any feelings of being stuck and also help you release any old energy that no longer serves you.

We may also have the opportunity to uncover insights into past lives that could have an impact on your present journey. This exploration could shed light on how certain behaviors, preferences, or even phobias might have carried over from those past experiences, influencing your current life in ways you may not have considered. Understanding these connections could provide a deeper understanding of yourself and potentially offer avenues for personal growth and healing.

If you have pets in your life, have you ever been curious about their thoughts and emotions? If time allows, we can explore what they might have to share.

Reading with April
(People/Pets up to 1 hour)
Reading with Tracey
(People/Pets up to 1 hour)

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Psychic Medium Combination Reading with April and Tracey

An enhanced reading with two Psychics, offering the same services as above. Tracey and I will collaborate during the session, combining our unique psychic abilities to help you connect with loved ones who have passed and may help provide you with clarity and closure.

Reading with April & Tracey
(People/Pets up to 1 hour)

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Animal Intuitive reading with Tracey and April

A unique and intuitive experience that allows you to communicate with your beloved pets on a deeper level. Tracey and I will connect with your animal companions, aiming to share some of their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Through this connection, we may be able to provide valuable insights into your pet’s behavior, well-being, and any underlying concerns they may have. Strengthen your bond with your furry companions and gain a new perspective on their lives with our comforting and enlightening reading.

Reading with April & Tracey
(Alive and/or deceased up to 30 minutes)
Reading with April & Tracey
(Alive and/or deceased up to 1 hour) Ideal for 2 or more animals.

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Psychic / Medium / Intuitive Mentor

Initial Session (Up to 1.5 Hours)

Whether you’re taking your initial steps on your spiritual journey, learning to harness your psychic and mediumship abilities, or seeking guidance as an experienced practitioner, we are here to provide personalized support tailored to your unique needs. Together, we will delve into the intricacies of receiving intuitive messages and establishing connections with your Spirit Team, fostering a deeper understanding of their guidance.

Our journey begins with an initial meeting on Zoom, during which we will explore your intuitive gifts, evaluate your current progress, and pinpoint areas for growth. This consultation serves as a reassurance that you are not alone on this path, and it aims to help you realize the full potential of your abilities.

April and/or Tracey will be your mentors, guiding you in recognizing your innate gifts and assisting you in establishing a more natural and consistent connection with your inherent abilities. Our sessions take an experiential approach, offering hands-on practice and real-time enhancement of your skills.

Once you’ve had your initial meeting, you can conveniently purchase sessions individually as needed, providing you with the flexibility to adapt your mentorship program as your journey unfolds. Each person’s needs are unique, so this allows you to participate in as few or as many sessions as you feel are necessary.
It is crucial to note that while our discussions may touch on your overall well-being, please be aware that we do not offer medical advice or diagnose any condition(s). Additionally, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes, as your success depends on your commitment, intuitive gifts, and your desire to expand them. We value transparency and want you to have realistic expectations of the mentorship experience.

Join us on this transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth as we unlock the full potential of your psychic, mediumship, and/or intuitive talents.

Psychic/Medium/Intuitive Mentor

Initial Meeting (up to 1.5 hours)

Psychic/Medium/Intuitive Mentor

Continuation (Up to 1 Hour)

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Our goal after your reading is for you to experience a sense of empowerment, realignment, and a newfound positive outlook on your purpose and direction.

Client Testimonials

Tracey is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone seeking answers about their fur babies!
Tracey is a very gifted animal communicator who has a very calming presence. Animals and humans alike feel peace around her.
Brianna Berens
Tracey is a wonderful resource for all of us who love our animals and want the best possible relationship.
Amy Mussson
April was able to tap into my Mom's larger than life personality and gave me a certainty that my Mom is with me with such love and humor. What a comfort! I am forever grateful.
I’ve always felt there were Angels watching over me since I was little. On multiple visits April has described people standing with me. They have been deceased family members and friends she has never met. I knew exactly who they were giving me great comfort.
I was a strong skeptic when it came to Mediums, but after talking to April my whole outlook has changed.