Beyond The Reading


Hello, I’m April. I’m a psychic medium with a passion for helping people connect with loved ones who have passed, including cherished animals that have left imprints on our hearts. I’m fortunate to be a mother, have a supportive spouse of over 20 years, and an incredible family. In addition, I successfully manage and own a well-established business, and it’s been a heartening experience to weave it seamlessly into my life’s journey.

From a young age, I sensed that I was different. However, unsure of its purpose, I often hesitated to acknowledge it and instead, pushed it aside. As my journey unfolded, I had the good fortune to meet my mentor Sandy through a dear friend (you know who you are). Sandy is a successful and well-respected psychic with a client base that extends throughout California. With her compassion and wisdom, she has educated me to overcome my fears and fully understand my gift. Her guidance illuminated the potential of my abilities and taught me how to harness them for the greater good.

Also, I’m a firm believer in the old saying, “Always be learning.” Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for new teachings and insights from seasoned psychics. I deeply value continuous learning and am always on the hunt for new tools and methods to enrich my practice.

In my readings, I strive to provide paths of healing, clarity, solace, and sometimes closure. Guided by this mission, I aim to assist clients in moving beyond barriers and embracing an energy that propels them forward. After our session, my goal is to provide the closure you seek, empowering you to step into your future and embrace your highest self.


Tracey is a profoundly gifted, intuitive healer with a unique talent for connecting with animals. From a challenging childhood marked by severe trauma, she found solace in her deep bond with God and animals. This bond not only provided her with comfort, but also laid the foundation for her extraordinary ability to communicate with animals and to provide intuitive personal readings. As a certified animal communicator, she blends her keen intuition and divine connection to truly understand what animals feel and think. This allows Tracey to return the comfort and love she received from animals during her difficult times, resulting in genuinely remarkable outcomes.

Despite dealing with many adversities, Tracey has led an extremely accomplished life. As a single mother of three, a retired US Air Force Officer, a retired GS-14 from the Department of Homeland Security, and a college graduate with multiple degrees (to include a Master of Divinity), she’s lived across the US and the globe, gaining diverse experiences and insights. Throughout her journey, she’s been widely recognized for her dedication and achievements in every venture. Through her remarkable resilience and perseverance, Tracey has transformed her hardships into opportunities. Passionately dedicated to personal healing and spiritual growth, she is currently developing a private retreat center in West Virginia to offer guests a personalized, curated healing experience.

Today, Tracey’s primary focus is assisting animals and their caretakers. She uses her unique gifts and experience to deepen and enhance the connection and understanding between people and their animals. The animal companions often share information with Tracey that helps their ‘pet-parents’ personally heal and grow. She also offers transformative insights into the thoughts, emotions, and needs of animals to help their caretakers improve and strengthen their relationships.


Our goal after your reading is for you to experience a sense of empowerment, realignment, and a newfound positive outlook on your purpose and direction.