Considering a reading?

I know getting a Psychic Medium or an animal reading can seem intimidating at first. It’s completely natural to have questions, uncertainties, or even skepticism about what to expect or what lies ahead.  Please rest assured that my primary goal is to offer an experience that is both comfortable and respectful.

Envision our session as a dialogue where my goal is to create a nurturing and transparent environment, offering a space for you to explore, get assistance with answers you seek and the closure your spirit may need. We can explore any areas or topics that you feel most drawn to discuss during your Psychic Medium and/or animal reading.

 I invite you to approach the idea of a reading with an open heart and mind. Your comfort and understanding are important to me, and I am committed to ensure that your experience is as positive and valuable for you as possible.

My life’s purpose is to use my gifts to help support others in their healing journey.

Your reading will be centered on understanding and addressing your challenges with empathy and care, connecting mind, body, and soul to help guide you towards your higher self. Through the help of my spirit guides and your loved ones, I aim to bring forth messages of hope, clarity, closure, and positivity, with the hope of empowering you as you navigate your path towards healing. This safe and non-judgmental space is here to support you, whether you’re seeking guidance on specific issues and/or connecting with a loved one. 


Our goal after your reading is for you to experience a sense of empowerment, realignment, and a newfound positive outlook on your purpose and direction.

Client Testimonials

Tracey is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone seeking answers about their fur babies!
Tracey is a very gifted animal communicator who has a very calming presence. Animals and humans alike feel peace around her.
Brianna Berens
Tracey is a wonderful resource for all of us who love our animals and want the best possible relationship.
Amy Mussson
April was able to tap into my Mom's larger than life personality and gave me a certainty that my Mom is with me with such love and humor. What a comfort! I am forever grateful.
I’ve always felt there were Angels watching over me since I was little. On multiple visits April has described people standing with me. They have been deceased family members and friends she has never met. I knew exactly who they were giving me great comfort.
I was a strong skeptic when it came to Mediums, but after talking to April my whole outlook has changed.

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